DX services for PDSO to stop

PDSO will stop using DX services after Wednesday 31 March 2021 and will no longer be part of the DX Exchange network.

Documents and correspondence can be sent to PDSO offices securely by email, utilising ShareFile for multiple documents and larger items.

PDSO Ayr: ayr@pdso.org.uk 
PDSO Dundee: dundee@pdso.org.uk  
PDSO Edinburgh: edinburgh@pdso.org.uk
PDSO Falkirk: falkirk@pdso.org.uk
PDSO Glasgow: glasgow@pdso.org.uk
PDSO Inverness: inverness@pdso.org.uk
PDSO Kirkwall: kirkwall@pdso.org.uk

Any mail sent to a PDSO box will be returned to the sender with notification that the office no longer has a DX box.

If there is a requirement to send a hard copy document, such as where a wet signature is a legal requirement, clients can write to PDSO via Royal Mail using their tracking services. Postal addresses for all PDSO offices can be found here.

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