Are you unhappy or dissatisfied with our service or something in relation to your case and how it was handled by us?

We will always listen to your concerns and we hope that we will be able to resolve any problems between us.

If you do wish to make a complaint then this should be made to the Director of the Public Defence Solicitors’ Office. We would prefer that the complaint is made in writing so that we have a clear record of your complaint. This can be done by ordinary post.

It should be addressed to:

The Director of the Public Defence Solicitors’ Office
The Public Defence Solicitors’ Office
9 York Place

Contact by email: Or, you can contact the Director by email at:

What if we can't resolve your complaint?

If your complaint cannot be resolved by us than you can make a complaint to the Scottish Legal Complaints Commission.

This is an independent body set up by the Scottish Government to investigate all complaints about the service of the legal profession.

More information about the Commission can be found on its website.

The Commission can be contacted at:

The Scottish Legal Complaints Commission
The Stamp Office
10-14 Waterloo Place Edinburgh

Contact by phone: 0131 528 5111

Contact by email:

Are you unhappy or dissatisfied with how our solicitor, or a member of staff, has conducted themselves when dealing with you?

Again, we will always listen to your complaint, and we will deal with it sympathetically.

The complaint should be made to our Director (details as above).

If you are unhappy with how the complaint is dealt with at this stage then the matter can be raised with the Chief Executive of the Scottish Legal Aid Board. SLAB prefers to have these complaints in writing.

More information can be found on SLAB’s website. The Chief Executive can be contacted in writing or by telephone.

The contact details are:

Colin Lancaster
Chief Executive
Scottish Legal Aid Board
Thistle House, 91 Haymarket Terrace
EH12 5HE

Tel:  0131 226 7061

Timescale for dealing with your complaint

We will always try to deal with your complaint within 28 calendar days of having received it.

Please note that this complaints process cannot change the outcome of your case.

If appropriate you can discuss any appeal against a decision of the court in a criminal case with your Public Defence Solicitor.